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The fort wind leaves in evidence the terrible facilities of antennas…

The channels that they emit in open through 30º the West of the Hispasat satellites 1C-1D

Digital+ dial
It consults the supply of channels of Digital+

The present time of the digital television by ADSL…

Official numbers of the number of subscribers of the platforms via satellite…

In català també in català
(Main Pàgina)

Abierto Latin Multivision in through satellite Intelsat 905
The orbital position of 24,5º the West welcomes the Latin supply of Multivisión integrated by ten television networks, at the moment in abierto, of Mexico and Colombia among others countries…

Digital Sky sum 779,000 subscribers to the supply of high resolution
Seven million British homes of approximately 25 million already have compatible adjustments with HD in their televisions and BSkyB hopes that this number is duplicated for the decade end…

Timm, the German channel for gays expands its programming
The first thematic Germanic commercial television of gay ample its programming the 24 hours of the day, after its three first months of life emitting in abierto through Astra satellite 1L…

The Aztec International Sky News Timm

02-02 Euskaltel avoids the piracy changing its codification
02-02 Two of each three Catalan homes are adapted to the TDT
02-02 4 Channel and CyL Television are united to offer common contents
02-02 300,000 Euros of fine for Granada Sight TV to emit pornographic
02-02 the NBC enters 160 million of € in publicity by the SuperBowl
30-01 Eutelsat Hot IBRD has six free transponders
30-01 the unsuitable Astra 5A threatens other satellites in active-duty
30-01 90% of the Spanish already can receive TDT signal
30-01 all the installers of official TDT are not installers
30-01 the USA prepares for the analogical blackout the 17 of February
29-01 Eutelsat loses its new satellite W2M
29-01 Digital Sky does not know what is the crisis and increases benefits
29-01 Everything to point for the starting of the second TV channel Galicia
29-01 new channel 24,9 of TVV will begin its emissions in February
28-01 Digital Sky incorporates Sci Fi HD and sum already 31 channels in HD
28-01 the channel of the news CNN+ turns his tenth anniversary
28-01 the first company of Orange denounces to Canal+ France
28-01 Cantabria will receive 387,750 € of Industry for the transition to the TDT
28-01 the Numancia considers to fail to fulfill with Sogecable
27-01 Eurosport celebrates its 20 years of life
27-01 the match of the 6 Nations of Rugby in abierto by BBC HD
27-01 Eutelsat commercializes its broadband by satellite
27-01 the Japanese public television sends channel NHK World
27-01 the fort wind demonstrates the terrible facilities of antennas
26-01 Eutelsat will enlarge its fleet in two years with 5 new satellites
26-01 Conax and Irdeto in the front sight of hackers
26-01 Italy will have in June the digital platform terrestrial Tivù the Sat
26-01 NRJ Hits returns again in open through Astra
26-01 soccer in abierto by television could arrive soon at its aim
26-01 4 Chanel and Five could megre to compete with the BBC
26-01 Cinematk will be the invited channel of ONO in February
25-01 Digital+ will not be able to continue imposing its decoders
23-01 Multi-channel on the verge of leaving the codification Nagravisión 1
23-01 the French-speaker chain TV5Monde renews its image
22-01 Digital Sky closed the last year with 8.83 million subscribers
22-01 Canal+ France sends package of 25 channels in the satellite Badr 6
22-01 Digital+ will continue emitting the TVE channels
22-01 France prohibits the pornographic one in the TV without the use of you reduce
22-01 IB3 and TV3 in TDT will be able to be seen in the Balearics and Catalonia
22-01 Iran notices the BBC that its channel in Persian is illegal
21-01 Digi TV asks that Hungary and Slovakia persecute the piracy
21-01 the new platform Télésat Belgian starts in Hot IBRD
21-01 Hispasat will incorporate new TV channels in high resolution
21-01 Catalonia wants to solve deficiencies of cover of the TDT
20-01 Baraem, new Arab infantile channel in abierto by three satellites
20-01 the Astra satellite 1M is already in its operative position
20-01 RAI will continue using Hot IBRD until year 2020

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Eutelsat Hot IBRD has six free transponders…

The systems of conditional access Conax and Irdeto in the front sight of hackers

The present time of the satellites and its transponders…

Launchings of new satellites
  • 10-02-2009
    : Express AM44
    (11º the West) to replace to Express A3

    Express MD1 (80º This)

  • 12-02-2009
    : Hot IBRD 10
    (13º This)

    NSS 9 (177º the West) to replace to NSS 5

  • Codification
    Multi-channel Chello on the verge of leaving the codification Nagravisión 1

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