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Agreement between SES Astra and Astrium for construction of the Astra satellite 1M
Telephone, propietary of 23.8% of the actions, it will support the request of the opening of the payment signal

The shareholders of Sogecable maintain a unit of total criterion on the convenience of turning into open the signal of payment of Channel +. As much Haste (23.6 percent) like own the Telephone one (23.83 percent), shareholders of reference of Sogecable, see in the opening of the signal a business opportunity and of giving value to the company that neither is arranged to reject. Telephone he considers that if so the advantage of a abierto Channel + in is double: he increases the income of Sogecable and he abre new windows to the emission of his own announcements.

The advice of administration of Sogecable has not elevated still a formal proposal to the Ministry of Industry having solicitd the modification of the conditions of the license of Channel +, but he could do it in the next days, according to has known the REASON of sources next to the company. The possible opening of the signal that, according to all the indications is a decision firmly of the Government, entails a series of effects collaterals that can negatively affect other businesses of Sogecable, with a certain risk on its global base of subscribers.

Of this form, the formulas more adapted are studying thorough to retain in Sogecable to the greater possible number of the 479,448 clients of analogical Channel +, the last number communicated to CNMV the past 30 of September of 2004. In that Sogecable communication it declared 2.084.000 subscribers, of whom 1.605.000 are it to Digitalis + in their different modalities.

One of the options that more possibilities it has to prosper contemplates gratuitous transfer of that million subscribers to Digitalis + almost half, the platform by satellite of Sogecable. It would that be tried to avoid that important base of clients, that 25.5 Euros pay to the month, does not end up losing the day that leaves definitively its condition of payment and happens to emit itself in open the 24 hours of the day. A spokesman of Sogecable eluded yesterday to pronounce itself on this subject with a concise one “without commentaries”.

Rejected supplies. At the moment, the successive supplies that Sogecable has come realizing the subscribers to analogical Channel + have been the awaited successful. At present, to these clients the opportunity is offered to engage to Channel + Relative to them (a package with the three versions of Channel +, Disney Channel and the autonomic ones) by 29 Euros, without having to pay the quota of discharge, that stops the new clients is determined to 90 Euros. The lack of success of some supplies to favor the migration has taken to the executives of Sogecable to think about other more imaginative and cheap supplies for the final consumer.

In any case, this small disadvantage will not make stop to the shareholders of Sogecable of the idea that the hour has arrived to benefit from the supposed advantages of the abierto emission in, that will entail a considerable increase of its advertizing income, today practically testimonial, in spite of being conscious of the added difficulty to increase the hearing in a so competitive market. This analysis is shared not only by Haste but also by Telephone, partners of reference of Sogecable after the fusion in 2002 of Satelite channel and Via Digitalis that origin to Digitalis + gave.

Telephone it considers the possible open emission in of Channel + a business opportunity that would be an error to reject. to prosper this initiative of Sogecable, that has brought about a great controversy in the sector, Telephone it will return to the television in open, business del that retired two years ago when it sold his participation in Antenna 3 to the groups Planet and DeAgostini. At the moment, and for want of strategic decisions to more long term, the operator of telecommunications, who committed itself in 2003 to remain a minimum of three years in the shareholders of Sogecable, sees advantages in her double condition of shareholder of the new chain in open and of advertiser.

Yesterday, the vice-president first of the Government, Maria Teresa Fernandez of the Fertile valley, promised that the Government will make “with absolute transparency” his decision around a hypothetical request of Channel + to emit in open. The vice-president reiterated that, to materialize the request she will study, it and will accept, “and why no? if she satisfies all the requirements and there is no kind of problem”.

(the Reason, 19-02-05)

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