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TRT International begins to emit by Astra
The international version of the public channel of Turkey, TRT, begins its emission in open through Astra1 satellite (19,2º This), offering the best thing of the own programming of its four channels

The four public chains of the television of Turkey, TRT, use the satellites Turksat (42º This) and Eutelsat W3A (7º This) to spread in open their channels, but with the intention to include major hearing, their people in charge have decided that TRT International (a conglomerate of the four channels), also emits through the position of 19,2º This, staying so far the SCPC of Hot IBRD in 13º This.  

Thus, TRT International is released in the Astra satellite with an emission in open.

TRT International left weeks ago the analogical system in the frequency 10.974-H GHz of the satellite Hot IBRD and so far 10.957-H GHz maintains the liaison in SCPC of the frequency.

Some information aimed that in this satellite, the channel once disappeared the analogical signal would happen automatically to MCPC, that is to say with a Symbol integrated Rate of 27500 in a transponder with several channels. However, so far there are no information that they indicate that this is going away to produce.

The frequency that uses TRT International in Astra1 is the one of 11.597-V GHz (MR. 22000, FEC 5/6)


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