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The Latin TV begins its regular emissions by the satellite Astra 1
The channel is available in the frequency 11.509-V GHz (MR. 22000, FEC 5/6). It is the first Latin chain generalist appointed the European public, spread in Spanish and Portuguese and subtitled in French

The 2 of May the programming of the Latin TV begins regularly. In fact for a long time the beginning of this new channel with generalist programming has been announcing that it will emit from cinema of Latin American production to sport happening through documentary music, soap operas and, all this with a Hispano-American accent.

Despite and by diverse problems, the channel had still not taken off in spite of the enormous existing interest by the absence of channels of this type. Initially it must have begun month of October the past.

The Latin TV will be a multilingual chain, since their contents will emit in Spanish and Portuguese, and will be subtitled in those countries in which it is necessary. The budget on which it counts this television network is 8 million Euros to the year, considered like low in comparison with which they handle other similar chains, according to its people in charge.

Programming of the Latin TV

The initial fiction programming includes three soap operas, between which they emphasize: Allowed and White and pure black, both of national production, and the Mexican Destiny of women.

The new channel, with soothes in Paris, it counts to be received by ten million people from his launching, and seeks, on credit, to arrive at a public of 87 million viewers. Our objective is not only to arrive at the Latin Americans from Europe, that is an influential but small community, but mainly to interest to the European viewers in the Latin American world '', according to has explained the director of the Latin TV, the Argentinean Guillermo Spivak

The channel will spread its programs in Spanish and Portuguese, with French subtitles, initially, and later in English and German.

Some fiction will be doubled to the French. The Latin TV will transmit the 24 hours of the day. Its programming will include 49% of fiction, 21% of music, 18% of information and discovery, and 12% of programs several, indicated Spivak.

The channel appears like positive, sensual and festive and wishes to show the young, crativo and orignal espírito of Latin America. Initially, the informative part of the channel will be compound mainly of interviews with personalities of the political and economic world of Latin America. This responsibility will come from the hand of magazine Oppenheimer presents/displays, of journalist André Oppenheimer.

In a slighter tone, the Latin moved one will inform on the gastronomy and the Latin American musical premises, as well as on the cinema, the theater and the fashion.

In the chapter cinema, fiction films are programmed, between which the Cubans Watched of Enrique Alvarez and a man of Single success of Humberto, and the Mysterious Argentinean Buenos Aires de Alberto Fischerman, Ricardo Wullicher and Oscar Barney, and documentary, like obstinate Memory of the Chilean Patricio Guzmán.


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