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The Aragonese television will begin to emit in September
It will do it in period of tests with the objective that the official emissions begin next the 12 of October, festival of the Pillar. The new autonomic television will arrive at 94% of the population in December

The public being will have delegations in the cities of Huesca and Teruel, will emit, in principle of analogical form for the territory and will reach to 97.4% of the Aragonese population in 2006, although the last objective is to arrive at the 100 when they allow the forecasts it of investment in technology. In September the emissions will reach to 85% of the population and in October, to 92%. In addition, the public television of Aragon will destine the bottoms sufficient to obtain a quality product, that will be mainly externalizado by means of you subcontract, except for the informative services, and will emit of continuous form, the 24 hours of the day and 365 days to the year.

The chief of a main directorate of the Aragonese Corporation of Radio and Television, Jesus Lopez Heads, is underlining that the programming must be identified with the values of our society and must take care of the diversity, maintaining a balance between news programming, cultural and of entertainment. The chief of a main directorate has recognized who the news is the programs-- of greater impact and he has insisted on the objectivity intention, pluralism and respect to the truth.


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