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Launching in Algeria of the first thematic chain
Algérie Première is the name of the new private channel spent to the youthful sector that it will emit as of March, initially two hours weekly by the satellite Hot IBRD

The new chain is property of Hachemi Lotfi Amine, son of a well-known realizadora of serial, Berry the Hachemi. The birth of this channel takes place just when the Algerian authorities want to still more control the audio-visual sector of the North African country. It soothes central of the society of the channel will be in Luxembourg and the technical emissions will be realized from Paris.

Algérie Première will begin to emit from the one of 1 of March through satellite Hot IBRD (13º This). It will do it with a reduced emission of two hours weekly, Fridays 17 to 19 hours with the aim of being increasing the schedule gradually.


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