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Benefit record of RAI in 2004
The Italian public chain obtained net benefits of 113 million Euros, amount that year 2003 supposes four times obtained and supposes the best result of its history

The televising advertizing income of RAI increased a 12% with respect to the exercise of the 2003, over the average growth of the market and the income obtained by this concept by their direct rival, the Mediaset group (9.1%), property of Silvio Berlusconi, according to the given data to know by the group of the Italian broadcast television.

The operative cash flow (benefits more amortizations) reached 268.5 million, which supposes an increase of 76.6 million in relation to 2003, it added the organization, whose results were approved by the administration advice.

RAI will be privatized partially

The positive balance of RAI has been welcomed with satisfaction by the Italian Government, who glides to carry out a partial privatization of the chain during the present exercise.

RAI, Italian public television, partially will be privatized before finalizing this year 2005, according to announced the Italian minister of Economy, Domenico Siniscalco. The process for its privatization will begin after the publication of the semester results of the organization. In Italy, the reform of the law that it regulates the audio-visual sector, voted in 2004, anticipates the partial privatization of RAI, with a maximum of 30% of its capital, although the minister of Economy already has announced that the minimum quota of privatization is of 25%.

Prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, the past announced September that the exit to Stock market would be realized before March of this year, although the term has been fulfilled without this one was executed.

The privatization of RAI is an old project of the Government of centroderecha, including in the controversial law of reform of the approved televising system in April of the past year.

(Agencies, 12-04-05)

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