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Fininvest sells 16.6% of Mediaset
The Italian group, property of prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, decides to sell part of the televising chain Mediaset to eliminate liabilities and will happen to maintain 34.3%

Fininvest has 50.99% of the capital of Mediaset and will place a part in the market, consisting of 197 million ordinary titles, directed to Italian and foreign institutional investors.

The resources that it will obtain will allow Fininvest to put to zero their financial liabilities and to count on an excellent liquidity destined to possible new investments, according to sources of the group.

The analysts consider that the value of that participation that will be put on sale can be of about 2,200 million Euros and is explained not only by economic interests, but also like political gesture of Berlusconi after the recent defeat of its coalition in the regional elections.

The group of the family Berlusconi will maintain 34.3% of Mediaset, reason why he will assure the stability like shareholder reference and with the competitions direction.

(Agencies, 13-04-05)

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