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Mediaset anticipates that Tele 5 gains 270 million
The Italian group, that controls a 50.1% of the Spanish television network, anticipates that the company increases a 25% its net benefit with respect to the result of the past year

Although Mediaset has not made its forecasts public, has maintained meetings with analysts in whom it examines the march of the business.

The semi-official estimations picked up by the company/signature of Cheuvreux analysis, of the Crédit Agricole group, indicate that Mediaset anticipates that the income of their Spanish branch will increase over 10%. The experts consider that increase will be around 13%, which would take to a number of income near 890 million, against 789.88 million of 2004. The costs will grow around the inflation. Mediaset also hopes that the margin on Ebitda of the chain will be placed in 42% during this exercise.

The Italian group recognizes in its memory that, in the first part of 2005, Tele 5 has maintained a rate of sustained growth. Sources of the sector indicate that this improvement has come impelled, to a large extent, by the increase of the prices of the publicity.

(CincoDías, 13-04-05)

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