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MTV sends a channel in Africa, number 100 of the chain
MTV Base spreads in the African continent through cable to 1.300.000 homes and its incursion obeys to the process of world-wide expansion of popular MTV

At first, the channel will have a combined programming. In particular, 30% will be native and 70% of American origin. Its immediate goal is to try to secure an own personality that it moves away the ghosts of possible accusations of cultural imperialism.

According to Alex Okosi, chief of a main directorate of the new project, the objective of the television is to show the African talent, especially in woods of rap and rithm&blues. In fact, the first program spread by MTV Base (the night of the 22 of February) was dedicated to gloss the trajectory of two local artists: the Nigerian band 2Face and the singer of surafricano origin Lebo M.


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