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The publicists request more television channels in open
The Spanish Association of Anunciantes (AEA) remembers that Spain is one of the countries of Europe with less generalist channels in open, necessary for the advertizing industry

The industry of the commercial communication, that represents 3% of the GIP, has returned to remember on the occasion of its celebrated annual assembly in Madrid that the publicity needs as rapidly as possible more television channels in open.

In this sense they have indicated that it is not an isolated fact that the advertisers and their collaborators cannot locate their advertizing messages in the television for want of space.

Under the motto Towards the search of effective and ethical solutions the Spanish Association of Anunciantes (AEA) has celebrated the assembly and a professional debate that has given an exceptional importance to the situation of the publicity in television as it demonstrates the report to it which they have received the associates titled: Expositions of an audio-visual policy in Spain, that was given at the time to the Government.

In this report the advertisers, among other things, put record of which in the last decade the effectiveness of the messages has decreased substantially whereas the saturation has increased until reaching numbers record in 2004, year in which almost a 20% of the orders of insertion in television have remained outside for want of space in the generalist chains.

The advertisers remember that Spain is one of the countries of Europe with less generalist channels in open.

(Expansion, 15-04-05)

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