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The LFP will resort the sentence that forces to pay to him to Antenna 3
The private chain demanded 34 million by the damages and damages caused by Liga when adjudging the rights of broadcasting of the encounter of first division to the autonomic ones, that finally it has settled down in 25,5 million

The delegated commission of Liga de Professional Fúbol decided Tuesday the past to resort before the Provincial Hearing of Madrid the sentence of a court of first instance of San Sebastián of the Kings, that forces to him to compensate to Antenna 3 with 25.5 million Euros (more interests).

Also Telecinco has interposed a demand in a court of Alcobendas by the same reasons and a decision in the next days is expected.

The private chains began the civil route in November after a favorable sentence of the Supreme Court. The conflict began in 1990, when 3 Antenna and Telecinco resorted the concession of the parties to the autonomic ones and Canal+ to the Court of Defense of the Competition, that three years later considered that abuse of dominant position had taken place. This sentence was resorted by Liga before the Provincial Hearing that in 1998 also failed in his against.


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