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Antenna 3 asks to Defense of the Competition that it prohibits that Channel + abra its emissions
The delegated adviser of Antenna 3, Maurizio Carlotti, says that the opening of the emissions of Canal+ would be a unique case in Europe and would place to the rest of chains that they emit in open in an untenable situation

Carlotti trusts that as much Spanish authorities of the competition as communitarian they can avoid it. Carlotti adds that the televising sector is characterized in Spain for being an oligopoly, with a return of “the ridiculous” investment and with a public television that acts of disloyal form. If there is a crazy person who with these conditions wants to make a generalist television in open, he does which it, he says and one is asked at the same time as why, why not eight or twenty, as it would be possible with the transit immediate to the digitalis”.

The first executive of Antenna 3, that appeared before the Commission of the Society of the Information and the Knowledge of the Senate to inform on the changes in the audio-visual sector, considered that abrir or Channel + he does not contribute much to pluralism and noticed that there will be to give a small disappointment to the citizens. If he is without paying will not be Channel + of now, with films of opening and soccer, because they did if it would go away to resentment his account of results, he augured.


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