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Iran prohibits the emission of The Jazeera
The Government of Tehran has prohibited the emission in all the country of the qatarí channel To the Jazeera to which they accuse to try to overthrow the Islamic regime of Iran

In the Iranian locality of The Avhaz, To the Jazeera informed that three people were dead after the argument caused by the possible transfer from nonArab population to this locality that reunites to the Arab minority of the country most of. Iran is a country of Persian majority, being the Arab community a 3% of the population.

The Arab chain with soothes in Doha (Qatar) has issued an official notice in which his spokesman Yihad Ballut informs into which she has had knowledge of the prohibition of emission of his channel through means, but not yet has received official notification. On the other hand, the spokesman of the Ministry of Culture, Mohammad Hussein Khoshvaght, communicated the state agency Iranian IRNA that To the Yazira would remain pending until the paper was acalarase that carried out bringing about the situation of chaos in The Avhaz.

In this locality the Iranian police has stopped to more than 200 people. According to the words of the Iranian Minister of Information, Ali Younesi, gathered by IRNA, most of the prisoners are related to foreign groups and television networks that try to overthrow to the Islamic regime of Iran.

The qatarí chain has declared that it will continue informing than happens in Iran, in spite of the closing of emissions. A decision, that his spokesman has described, Yihad Ballut, of unexpected and lamentable.

Only 3% of 67 million of Iranian are Arab but in some zones of the southwest of the country majority consituyen. Those places, To the Jazeera one has become the more popular television network.

(Agencies, 21-04-05)

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