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The bars regularize their contracts with Digital+ by soccer in PPV
After cutting the signal of payment by vision more than 13,200 bars of all Spain by the illegal use of their contract of installment, 85% of the affected total have regularized the contractual situation already

From the past month of Digital+ February it has come regularizing the diffusion of the soccers match from Liga and Copa of S.M. The King in the establishments public. After cutting the PPV signal more than 13,200 bars of all Spain by the illegal use of its contract of installment, more than 11,200 local public they have regularized already its situation subscribing some of products designed for this type of establishments.

The digital platform of Sogecable started up east type of contracts for establishments public in August of 2002 with the aim of offering commercialization modalities to them with the purpose of to differentiate the subscribers who enjoy anyone of our supplies in their homes against those others that they use those contracts with commercial aims in local public.

Critics of the guest house ones

The Spanish Federation of Hostelería (FEHR) affirmed at the time that Digital+ solved a contract of more than fifteen years with the hotel establishments harming seriously its activity

The past 17 of February, Digital+ disconnected the signal of its service of Ticket office (payment by vision) to 13,200 establishments public distributed by all Spain with the aim of preventing the illegal use of this signal. According to Digital+, the affected establishments had not regularized their situation in spite of to be informed by the platform of which the use that was doing of the signal not fit to the conditions of the contract.

Digital+ remembered that it is not the first time that suspends the signal of the PPV to local public. This platform puts at the disposal of the hotel trade establishments, of regular way, the supply TV Soccer Club with up to three different contract modalities for the service of Ticket office.

According to the data of Digital+, every month they register to this service around 3,000 guest house establishments. A 45% of them contract the SuperFútbol formula (all the parties of each day of League and all the parties of Glass of the King who emit in PPV more Multifútbol); a 42% Soccer 1 (a party of each day of League and a party of each day of Glass of the King more Multifútbol); and 13% remaining Access Soccer (purchase of parties of individualized form). Madrid, Catalonia and Valencian Community are the zones with greater proportional number of contracts, whereas Asturias, Murcia and Cantabria count on the smaller number.


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