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Canal+ says to its subscribers whom it will emit in open in a campaign so that they change to Digital+
Although the group continues shuffling the name of the future chain, Four is the one that pleases at this moment to its people in charge more

Canal+ has sent a campaign that offers to its subscribers to change its contracts with the analogical chain of payment by others with its Digital+ platform. To the subscribers one inquires to them into which they will be able to take refuge in a special supply due to the next transformation of Canal+ in a television in open.

The chain still is in the hope of the answer from the Government to its request to emit the 24 hours of the abierto day in but already it has started up to decant to his subscribers from a chain to another one. If the spectators did not want to accept the change, Sogecable would lose the 400,000 clients whom Canal+ has to day of today.

In particular, the subscribers of the chain receive these days a call of the Service of Attention to the Client in whom a package of 15 generalist channels of Digital+ is offered to them more Canal+… 30 and Canal+2. According to the information that is facilitated to them, they will pay by that supply per indefinite time just like Canal+ costs to them now (about 24 Euros to the month) and in addition, will not have to pay the quotas of inscription nor of installation that the subscribers to Digital+ pay.

The decision, that yes, must take it the subscriber at the time of the call since, according to they inform, perhaps if it wants to him to think it days, arrives behind schedule and it cannot take refuge in the supply.

Thus the operators explain who call to the subscribers to Canal+. The chain quickly seems to give by fact that their desires will be granted and that the Government will respond of affirmative form to his request, for that reason sent east “Plan of Migration” the past 1 of March and tries to maintain it until the 31 of May, dates that type set out in its page details contraro Web.

Nevertheless, a spokesman of the chain clarifies that there is nothing firmly until the Government has not made a decision, although indicates that Canal+ foreseeably will emit in open. The spokesman indicates that these campaigns of migration are not new but they are made systematically and aims that does not know what formula uses the teleoperators to inform into the campaign to the subscribers.

Canal+ either does not wish to make commentaries about the signings of the chain facing its next abierto launching in, that foreseeably will take place with the beginning of the season of autumn. The channel has already been counting between its rows with Fernando Sherry, until for weeks director of Programming, Other people's Production and Emissions of Antenna 3. Sherry arrived at this chain coming from Telemadrid and in the Planet television it spent rather less two years. It is, according to sources of the sector, the great trick quickly for his channel in open.

The chain also has rejected to make commentaries on the work that Elena is carrying out Sanchez, director of antenna of Canal+ and that, according to sources of the television, has been months working in the elaboration of a new grill for the abierto chain in, now hand by hand with Sherry.

Still they are numerous incognitos to clear on Canal+, among them, the name that will adopt the chain. Some options have been shuffled, like Channel Four or Channel Six, although at this moment the one that sounds more is Four. Official sources of the television also have refused to pronounce themselves on this subject. It will be necessary to wait for still some weeks. Although the Executive guard under secret the determined terms to express his opinion on the matter, the month of May is the date that is handled.

As far as the present programming of Canal+, the chief of a main directorate of Contents of Sogecable, Fernando Bovaira, already has pronounced itself about the bullfighting broadcastings. According to he indicated in the presentation of the cover of the Fair of San Isidro, who the payment chain will continue giving these celebrations by means of the codified system that uses at the moment. He does not know, nevertheless, what position will adopt the chain with respect to the soccer, for example (the encounter of league that exclusively relays Sundays to the 21,00 hours), the cinema or the foreign series of opening.

(the World, 21-04-05)

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