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The Bundesliga considers to play at noon by the Asian market
German soccer considers to play one of the parties of each day the 13,00 local time thinking about the Asian market, where the commitment could be seen in direct by television in the possible most commercial hour

Why it is not going to work between us what in England, that is to say, the Earth mother of soccer, he is accepted for a long time? , it is asked, in declarations that the dominical Bild a.m. Sonntag publishes the member of the Council of Monitoring of the Werder Bremen Willy Lemke.

In addition, in the negotiation with the digital platform to increase the income by rights of television, one considers to return to play two parties every Friday, to reduce to four the commitments that gamble the traditional hour of the 15,30 of Saturday and to both maintain parties of Sunday to 17.30.

The vice-president of the Bayern, Karlheinz Rummenigge, considers that with the 300 million Euros by season that receives the Bundesliga by television rights the equipment German they lose international competitiveness and wants that sum is increased at least to 500 million in the next contract.

Premiere, that at the moment pays 180 of 300 million that the Bundesliga receives, is arranged to pay more but in exchange for greater exclusive feature and between the things that are requested it is the delay of the summary of the parties by open television that at the moment begins 18,10 in the Sportschau program of the public television, that is a rite for the spectators German.

(Agencies, 25-04-05)

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