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RTVA closed 2004 with a deficit of 22.4 million
The Radio Television of Andalusia (RTVA) closed the last year with a deficit, whose number supposes a reduction in 0,8 million with respect to the previous exercise, in that was placed in 23,2 million

This result of deficit must to that the expenses of the RTVA in 2004 ascended to the 221.977.213 of Euros and income to 199.504.945 of Euros. The expenses also were reduced in a 0.2 percent with respect to 2003, when they ascended to 222.416.246 Euros.

Between the main income of the chain in 2004, are those of publicity, that they ascended to 54.4 million Euros, which supposed a growth of the 12 percent, almost six million more, in relation to 2003.

The net amount by number of businesses, where sales or benefits of services are included, among others concepts, supposed income for the autonomic chain of 60 million Euros.

In relation to the expenses, one of the majors numbers makes reference to the expenses of personnel, with 77.8 million, while also it emphasizes a reduction, with respect to 2003, in a 5 percent of the expenses by supplyings (merchandize consumption, external purchase of raw materials or expenses by works carried out by other companies), since they ascended to 92.3 million in 2004, against 97.2 million of the previous year.

As the budget of the RTVA for 2004 remembers ascended to 204.772.586 of Euros, where a public financing of 136.287.900 of Euros was included.

The chief of a main directorate of the Radio Television of Andalusia, Rafael Camacho, will inform the next Wednesday in the advice into administration of the execution of the budget of the chain.

(EP, 25-04-05)

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