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The Office of the public prosecutor asks judgment Berlusconi by irregularities in the transaction of rights of TV programs
The Office of the public prosecutor of Milan asks for the shipment according to prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, by presumed illegalities committed in the transaction of rights on the part of Mediaset at the time at which the political leader was industralist

Judicial sources have confirmed that request of the public prosecutor, who affects Berlusconi and to another dozen of people more on those than he has investigated until now.

The crime hypotheses vary for the thirteen implied in the case and go from the fiscal fraud to the falsification in balance, as well as the illegal appropriation and the money laundering.

The past 22 of March a court of Milan had decided to investigate officially to Berlusconi by a presumed illegal payment to a lawyer in a case of transaction of televising rights. In the tactical mission of Berlusconi the crime hypotheses that motivated the investigation were the falsification in balance, fiscal fraud, corruption in judicial acts and illegal appropriation.

The origin of the case is the transaction of the rights of transmission of American films on the part of Mediaset, around which a framework of transactions was created in which supposedly companies registered in fiscal paradises participated to the service of Berlusconi.

The office of the public prosecutor investigates if those companies bought to American distributers a package of rights of televising emission that finished into the hands of Mediaset by 470 million Euros after complex financial operations in which the real price of the rights could have been increased artificially.

Public prosecutors Fabio De Pasquale and Alfredo Oak grove want that there is a judgment to clarify if, by means of those transactions, Mediaset could abroad have turned aside to accounts near 280 million Euros, besides to have eluded to the state treasury the equivalent to about 170 million Euros between 1994 and 1996.

The request of the office of the public prosecutor also affects the present president of Mediaset, Fedele Confalonieri, as well as to other employees of that televising group or Fininvest, property of Berlusconi.

One of the elements that the public prosecutors want to clarify if there were illegal payments to British lawyer David Mills, also is implied in this case by presumed concealment and money laundering, because there are indications that he was who created all the framework of companies presumably used by the one of Berlusconi to avoid signs of the money.

The Mediaset group has three generalist channels, Italy 1, Canale 5 and Challenges 4, that they emit in open through satellite Hot IBRD (13º This).

(Agencies, 26-04-05)

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