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3 antenna and Tele 5 demands 70 million Euros by TV rights
The two private televisions present/display footpaths demands before a court of Madrid against Liga de Professional Fútbol, in which they ask for 34 million Euros each by damages and damages in the awarding of emission rights

The denunciations, that talk about to the awarding of the rights of Liga de Fútbol between years 1990 and 1998 the autonomic televisions, are sustained in a decision of the Court of Defense of the Competition. This organism considered in 1993 that the conduct of Liga de Professional Fútbol in its relation with 3 Antenna and Telecinco was anticompetitive, reason why imposed to the association an administrative penalty of a million Euros.

After several resources of the association that represents the soccer clubs, the Supreme Court ratified the denunciations of the television networks in 2003.

Now, by the route of the civil courts, the two deprived chains of television demand a joint indemnification of seventy million Euros, by the damages that have produced to the chains not to be able to decide to the income generated between the autonomic televisions on the emission of the parties of Liga de Fútbol.

The representatives of Liga considered little based the denunciation yesterday, which, they assured, they will defend themselves with all the resources to his reach. The resolution, according to Carlos of the Field, Secretary General of the LFP, brought about a sanction that Spanish soccer already corrected a long time ago before the Treasure.

According to sources near the process, the payment of an indemnification of the demanded quantity would put in serious danger the viability of the own League of Soccer.

(Expansion, 27-04-05)

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