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The users of the PPV spend about 32 Euros to the month
Spaniards that is used to buying soccer and films in the modality of payment by vision (30% of that they have digital television) spend to month about 32 Euros of average, that there is to add to money that approximately costs the contracted package, that can oscillate between the 25 and 50 Euros,

This means that they invest a minimum of 60 Euros. In order to give an idea, 32 Euros to the month mean two parties and two films. In addition, the homes that have cable or digital platform, pay television (Digital+), only see week 5 of the 70 channels that usually have to their disposition.

These are some of the results of an investigation realized by two professors of the University of the Basque Country, Car it to me Garitaonandia and Jose Antonio Oleaga, and one of the Independent University of Barcelona, Emilio Fernandez, on the digital home in Spain: in the threshold of the interactivity. The survey has been realized 560 people of Bilbao, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Seville. Half of them had Digital+ and the other half, cable.


The investigation centers its interest in the degree of interactivity of these users before the immediacy of the analogical blackout of 2010, when all the homes receive DS. Interactivity measured as far as the use of the payment by vision of cinema and soccer, buys through remote control, bank, games and consults meteorological. The users use tele mainly digital to make consultations on the time, because it seems to them easier and comfortable than to do it in Internet, and to accede to games. For the rest they prefer the Network, although in the Bank, for example, the operations are much more safe by television.

(the Mail, 27-04-05)

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