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Digital+ loses 32,000 subscribers in a year
The platform of Sogecable counted at the end of March with 1.700.117 subscribers, whereas analogical Canal+ registered a reduction of 145,000 clients with respect the previous year

According to the company informed, to 31 of March of 2005, Sogecable had 2.093.000 subscribers, a number inferior with respect to the same period of the past year that was of 2.270.783. Of these clients, in the same period of the last year, 1.700.117 they are of Digital+ (1.732.025 to 31 of March of 2004) and 393,319 of analogical Canal+ (538,758 to 31 of March of 2004).

The income of subscribers constitute the main line of activity of the group and represent 68.3% of the net number of businesses. Thus in the first trimester of 2005, the income of subscribers of Sogecable reach the 270.3 million Euros, against the 287.5 million the same period of the year last in 2004.

This evolution essentially is derived from the smaller income of the services of payment by vision, whereas the income of digital subscriptions underwent a slight growth, according to the own company.

The income obtained by the services of payment by vision fell in 11,6 million Euros in the first trimester of 2005, in comparison with the registered ones during the first trimester of 2004, due to the smaller income generated by the broadcasting of soccers match of the competition of Spanish Glass.

To 31 of March of 2005, more from 81% of the subscribers of Sogecable they received his contents through digital service, and so it continues digitalization of the base of clients of Sogecable.

The advertizing income ascended to 17.4 million Euros, with an improvement of 29.2%, against the 13.5 million Euros obtained in the same period of 2004.

Sogecable added in the chapter of other income 107.7 million Euros, a 37.2% superiors, against the 78.5 million Euros obtained during the same period of exercise 2004.

During the three first months of 2005, the investments of Sogecable ascended to 22.3 million Euros, most significant of which they were for the direct acquisition of apparatuses decoders and digital cards of access and costs of tie pick up to the new subscribers incorporated to Digital+ during the trimester.

The company remembered that the Council of Administration of Sogecable decided to propose to the General stockholders' meeting, that is celebrated today, the extension of necessary capital for the anticipated cancellation of the participating loans granted by HASTE, Telefónica and Vivendi Universal, at the beginning the integration of Via Digitalis and the process of subsequent reconstruction

(Agencies, 27-04-05)

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