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Astra is received by more than 102 million homes
60% of the European homes with the antenna oriented to the Astra satellites, are through individual reception or collective, they have left the analogical one to go to the digitalis

The last studies of Ses Astra confirm the continuous growth of the hearing of their satellites in the coverage area of 34 countries. At the beginning of year 2005, the broadband number of homes receiving audio-visual services and services by means of the Astra satellites to 19,2° This and 28,2° This were of 102.7 million, which represents an increase of 8.8%.

In the set of the 30 countries that are traditionally object of an annual investigation, the number of connected homes to Astra increased in 3,6 million, taking the total cover of its satellites in direct coupled receiving and by networks by cable to 98 million homes.

In addition Ses Astra measured for the first time the reception of Astra in Bosnia (520,000 homes), in Serbia (840,000 homes), Morocco (2.78 million homes) and in Tunisia (580,000 homes). The results of these investigations established that Astra offers its services to 4.8 million additional homes in these countries.

This study also confirms the position of Astra like main system of satellites for the direct coupled receiving in Europe. At the beginning of 2005, more than 41 million homes in Europe and Africa the Northern one benefitted directly from the services of Astra by satellite, against 36.4 million in 2003, to which 61.3 million homes are added that receive Astra programs by means of networks by cable.

Success of the two orbital positions

This analysis demonstrates the success of the two orbital positions of Astra for the direct coupled receiving to 19,2° This and 28,2° This. The number of homes that received to the services of Astra to 19,2° This increased in 4,6 million (+ 16%) to be of 33.7 million homes.

The cover of the positioned Astra satellites to 28,2° This extended to 7.6 million homes, which supposes a 5% in relation to the last year more, mainly in the markets of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Germany, Spain, France, Poland and the United Kingdom continue being the main markets of the reception satellite of Astra.

The constant increase of the digital reception by satellite in the majority of the European countries is the motor element of the growth of the hearing of Astra. At the beginning of 2005, 24 million homes benefitted from the digitalis services by means of Astra to 19,2° This or 28,2° This, in relation to the 17.7 million end of 2003.

Astra reinforced its position privileged in the market of the digital norm in very competitive means. Astra serves three homes of each four located in the coverage area of its satellites and that receive digital services by satellite. Consequently, the digital reception represents at the moment a 58% of total the direct coupled receiving of Astra in relation to a 49% in 2003.

Finally, Astra is received by 17.3 million homes equipped exclusively for the analogical reception. A 70% of these homes (more than 12 million) are placed in the countries of German speech, that have an ample fan of analogical chains.

(NP, 27-04-05)

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