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The international channel of Valencian Televisió initiates its emissions
The 5 of May the new international channel of Valencian Televisió begins its regular emissions the International (TVVi), that replaces Valencian Comunitat Channel through the satellites Astra and Hispasat

TVVi replaces to Channel Valencian Comunitat, the Valencian television network that it until now emitted for all the national territory, through the Digital+ platform. The new channel of Grup RTVV maintains the objective to approach the Valencian Community all the Valencians that they live outside her, and incorporates one new one, to extend the national scope to promote the image of the Valencian Community by the world, as well as to commercialize the own production at international level.

TVVi can attract in open through Astra satellite 2C (19,2º This) in the frequency 10.817-V GHz (MR. 2200, FEC 5/6) and through Hispasat satellite 1D (30º the West) in the frequency 12.226-V GHz (MR. 27500, FEC 3/4).

TVVi will combine the existing general programming with a new strip of tourist programming, to harness the central paper of this industry in the economic structure of the Valencian Community and, at strategic level will study the possibilities of emitting through a greater number of digital platforms, as much at national level as international, with the purpose of to arrive at a greater number of spectators, as well as the sale of own production, so that it maintains his paper of vertebrador and motor of the Valencian audio-visual industry.

The intention of TVVi is to spread information on the Valencian Community to promote the culture, history, geography, the economy, the social weave, the sport and any other scope of own interest, in Spain and the rest of the world.


TVVi is born with the aim of becoming a platform for the development, the distribution and commercialization at national and international level of audio-visual production of quality realized in the Valencian Community, not only of programs, but also of formats and technology of vanguard.

TVVi will update the historical catalog of own, associated and other people's production with rights of Grup RTVV, to offer it to its clients and power to commercialize it by everybody. Also it will develop to projects of programs and formats with directed contents to catch clients of geographic areas of present and future interest for the social and economic weave of our community, such as the tourism, the enterprise leisure, projects, investigation, technology, science and education.

Grup RTVV has initiated conversations with Auna and Ono to include TVVi in the supply of channels of these national operators, and with diverse television networks and operators of cable, satellite, movable telephony and broadband to increase the distribution of the channel and to try to introduce own production in as important markets as Europe, Japan, Canada and the United States, and others in expansion like Asia, Near East, Australia or New Zealand.

Fruit of these conversations, The Sailing Chanel, a thematic Italian channel dedicated exclusively to the world of the sea, already has shown interest in programs like Prow the 2007.

TVVi also will distribute its signal to clients who assure the multiple and simultaneous emission, like hotels, air lines, airports, sport and cultural tourist centers, of leisure, universities and centers of formation and public and deprived institutions.


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