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    30% of the users of the digital television use the payment by vision

    Three of each ten subscribers to the digital television of payment resort to the supply of payment by vision, mainly to acquire soccers match and films, according to a report of the Universities Independent of Barcelona and the Basque Country

    These data appear reflected in a titled report the digital home in Spain: in the threshold of the interactivity realized jointly by the universities Independent of Barcelona (UAB) and of the Country Basque and directed by professor Car it to me Garitaonandía.

    The study analyzes the uses of the interactive services that the digital television offers, of that esteem that is usuary the 20% of the population, facing the denominated analogical blackout that will be carried out in 2010.

    The results of the investigation reflect that the mean consumption in the homes with digital television is placed in 234 minutes weekly against the 230 minutes that the last report of the EGM established like average.

    Soccer, the one that sells more

    The report reflects in addition that the number of channels that uses frequently is of 5.33 and that 30% resort to the purchase of programs in the modality of payment by vision, of that 77% correspond to broadcastings of soccer with a monthly regularity of 3.22 acquisitions of parties.

    Of this form the monthly amount average that spends these homes in the purchase of payment programs is of 31.61 Euros that in 49% of the cases are acquired through remote control of the television whereas by telephone they do 42% of the users.

    The report was realized throughout five weeks through 560 personal surveys realized in five Spanish cities (Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia and Seville) and was restricted to homes that also counted on connection to Internet to as much compare the difference of use of the interactive services that offer the computer science network and the digital television, by satellite as by cable.

    Between the survey ones, 37% used Internet in the last week and the mean consumption every seven days was placed in five hours and twenty minutes in which the used interactive service more had been the one of the bank on line, used by 16.4% of the users of whom only 6% affirmed to have little or no confidence in this benefit.

    In the case of the services offered by the digital television, most frequent it is the consultation of the meteorological service to which 15.5% of the interviewed people had resorted in some occasion, whereas only 1.7% used those of the bank and 0.7% realized some purchase.

    (Agencies, 02-05-05)

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