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Motors TV turns his fifth anniversary
Created by the French society Motors TV ACL, the channel dedicated to the sport of the motor it has surpassed the 10 million subscribers in all Europe where one distributes by satellite and cable

Motors TV emits its signal codified through 6 satellites: Eurobid 1 (28,5º This), Astra 3A (23,5º This), Hot IBRD 6 (13º This), Eutelsat W3A (7º This), Astra 1G (19,2º This) and Telecom 2D (8º the West).

The channel dedicated to the world of the motor has its maximum hearing in the United Kingdom forming part of the supply of Digital the Sky platform, the one that has major number of subscribers of the existing ones in the old continent. The United Kingdom it follows France to him where the channel is distributed through cable and by digital platforms CanalSatellite and TPS. In Spain, Motors TV is distributed by cable. Other countries where the signal arrives from the channel are: Albania, Germany, Belarus, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Macedonia, Monaco, Norway, Holland, Portugal, Rumania and Russia.

The television great speed

The television great speed as therefore they have baptized it his people in charge emits during the 24 hours of the day offering transmissions in direct like the 12 hours of Sebring, carrereas LMES, Super GT, V8, Dutch Challenge and DTM, among others.

Motors TV next to AB Motors and the one of recent RaceWorld creation TV is the unique monothematic chains dedicated to the motor that they at present emit through satellite. RaceWorld TV (Astra1, 19,2º This) is the unique one that it emits in open.


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