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Telecinco returns to be leader by sixth consecutive month
The private chain closes its better April from 1997 like the channel more seeing of Spain with share of 22.7% taking care of the results obtained from the sum of terrestrial distribution and satellite

Tele 5 repeats its result of March thus adding his fourteenth victory, the sixth consecutive one, and extending in 2,5 points its distance on Antenna 3, his immediate competitor.

The data of hearing of the month of April show that Tele 5 was the chain more seeing by the spectators, with a 22.7% of share, extending in 2,5 points its advantage with his immediate follower, Antenna 3 TV, who obtained an index of 20.2%, its worse monthly data for a year. On the other hand, TVE-1 gains almost six tenth, (19.4%) with respect to past March. The public one has seen beneficiary by the emission of great events that took place in the month of April: the death of Juan Pablo II and Rainiero of Monaco, the real wedding in England, the proclamation of Benedicto XVI and the World-wide one of Motociclismo, among others.


Concerning the autonomic ones, the Forta maintained the good tone with a 18.5% of share (including cable and satellite) and one improvement of a point in comparison with the same strip of the past year. It emphasized the new record of South Channel (22.0%) in his fifth month of consecutive leadership in Anadalucía, the worse registry of TeleMadrid of the year (14.7 of quota), the gains of Television of Galicia with respect to March of 2005 (18,5) and the losses of Channel 9, to which the Valencians equipped with share of the 17,8.

(Several, 03-05-05)

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