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EuroNews announces its launching in India
Incopora the multilingual European chain of the news to the market of the Hindu country comprising of oferat of the digital platform Dish TV

Dish TV has 200,000 subscribers at present. Its supply consists of more than 80 television channels that they emit through satellite NSS 6, located to 95º This.

With EuroNews, the Hindu platform increases its number of channels destined to the information, next to already existing Cnn International and BBC World.

After its incorporation in India, EuroNews is negotiating its launching in Japan and China.

EuroNews, from 1993

EuroNews is the informative channel of Europe that transmits the news worldwide from an European perspective and in seven languages. EuroNews emits simultaneously in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and from September of 2001, in Russian.

Sent the 1 of January of 1993 like the first multilingual Pan-European channel, EuroNews has settled down quickly in Europe like the main channel of the television news.

It is accessible in open through several satellites, among them Astra (19,2º This and 28,2º This), Hot IBRD (13º This) and Hispasat (30º the West).


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