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DirecTV reduces its losses in the first trimester
DirecTV Group Inc., the operating major of television via satellite of the United States, assures that their losses fell half in the first trimester when obtaining million more of new subscribers

In particular during this DirecTV period it added 505,000 new subscribers, reaching the number of 14.440.000 clients to date 31 of March of 2005.

The company with soothes in the Second (Californian), registered a net loss of 41 million dollars during the three first months of the year, in contrast to the 639 million dollars that lost in the same period of the previous year.

DirecTV has also announced that will send three new satellites in the next months.

The results of DirecTV Group Inc. (company controlled from 2003 by Rupert Murdoch's News Corp), have been described as positives by their managers in spite of being losses.

DirecTV For All

DirecTV For All, marks of operator DirecTV the cable that offers the channels in Spanish, has become one of the more promising areas of business of the company when reaching 120,000 new subscribers more in the first trimester, which supposes an increase of 63% with respect to the last trimester of 2004, and a 222% in relation to the same period of 2004.

The success is based on the services that are offered to nonMexican the Hispanic community (ignored to a great extent by other means) and in which we have offered more alternatives to the Mexican public, according to Mark Ryan, director of trade of DirecTV and person in charge of the programming in Spanish.

The executive makes reference to which the company denominates strategy of programming 65/35, that corresponds with the percentage of Mexican and Hispanic nonMexican, respectively, of the total of Latin that resides in the United States.

DirecTV For All, that was based at the end of 1999, counts on a total of 700,000 clients, and the demand of this option of television by satellite continues increasing.


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