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They look for bottoms to create Islamic TV of Afghanistan
Frustrated reason why they consider immoral programs in the television, the Muslim clergymen of Afghanistan glide to create the first Islamic channel of the country dedicated to the Afghan culture

From the fall of the Talibán regime at the end of 2001, the private television networks have appeared in this preservative Islamic country. Some of them show to western musical videos and films of the industry of Bollywood. “There are private televisions that emit films and songs that are not good for our society”, has explained Qeyamuddin Kashaf, spokesman of the Council of the Ulemas, impeller of the initiative.

“With the purpose of to save the society of his declivity, we would like to start up a television channel that promoted the Islam. To have of ulemas it is to propagate the religion and the television is the best way to do it in our days”, has indicated. The Council does not count on bottoms for the project but he has obtained the approval of president Hamid Karzai.

Nevertheless, the Government has offered neither financing nor technical assistance and the Council hopes to find the necessary money through public donations warning of the “threat” of the alienante culture, is this Kashaf. In fact, the members of the organization will travel to the towns to explain their plans and to look for aid.

The future channel will center its emissions in the paper of the Islam, the Afghan culture and the problems of the women and young people in the country, according to Kashaf. The Council, headed by Fazl Hadi Shinwari, still must choose the name of the chain and decide if he will include music between his emissions.

This organization was born near two years propagating ago the Islamic values against the fast changes of articles of incorporation and liberties arisen in Afghanistan since the forces of the USA expelled from the power to the Talibán. These had prohibited the television, music and the cinema with the excuse of a rigid interpretation of the Islam.

Some cable operators were prohibited by the Government after the complaints coming from the Council about “inmodestos and immoral” consideradores programs. Nevertheless, Kashaf thinks that the problem persists and is necessary to take more measuring. “With coguarantee in God and the aid of people, we will send this television to promote what our culture and our religion indicate”, has noticed Kashaf.

(Reuters, 04-05-05)

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