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It televises wants to return to Spain with a local partner
The powerful Mexican group, that already had at the time a participation of 10% in Via Digitalis, considers that Spain is an interesting market although has at the moment not initiated negotiations with any company

Emilio Azcárraga Jean, executive president of the Television Communications group, assures that Spain is an interesting market, with great opportunities to make business and in which to his group it would like to be present. He also explained that at the moment he has not initiated negotiations with any company to return to the Spanish mass media business.

To these he realized them affirmations after his intervention in the conference on international strategies in Latin America, organized in Atlanta (the United States) by the Institute of Company and the rest of the schools of businesses that conform the Sumaq alliance. “At the moment we do not have any agreement with any enterprise group, but every time we have but opportunities to undertake businesses”, explained Azcárraga. And it noticed that the unique way which it would enter other countries “would be with another local partner”.

It televises and the Group Haste an agreement for the development of the wireless market in Mexico maintains from 2001, by means of the acquisition on the part of Haste of 50% of Radiópolis.

It assured that Mexico is a market with great opportunities of business for the Spanish companies. “Although there have been opportunities that have been stopped being useful. There are examples of Spanish groups to which it has gone to them very well, like Santander and BBVA”.

The expericencia of Television in Spain

It televises had a participation of 10% in the Spanish platform of TV by satellite Via Digitalis.

The group, with 15,000 employees, secured sales in 2004 of 29,110 million dollars, of which 57.3% come from the television in open.

(Five Days, 05-05-05)

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