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Optimal results for EchoStar thanks to the new subscribers
EchoStar, American operating second of television by satellite gains 317 million dollars (245 million Euros), against the losses of 43 million of the previous year, thanks to the fort increase of subscribers and to the income coming from the closing of a legal litigation

The company has caught to 325,000 new users in its service of television by Dish satellite Network, 23,000 more of the hoped thing by the analysts, and has closed the trimester with 11.2 million subscribers.

DirecTV, first group of the sector, attracted 505,000 clients to its service by satellite and counted with 14.4 million users at the end of the first trimester.

EchoStar has written down an extraordinary result of 134 million dollars after closing contentious the legal one that maintained with an insuring company.

The operator has gained 69 cents by action, number that is reduced to 42 cents without considering these extraordinary income. In any case, this amount surpasses the forecasts of the analysts, who waited for a result of 39 cents by title.

The invoicing of the group has grown a 28%, up to 2,020 million dollars, whereas the operative result has been placed in 290 million, number that duplicate the registered one in the same period of the previous year.

New York

The company is outstanding that has reduced in a 20% the cost of pick up of new subscribers, in spite of the efforts realized for “robbing” clients to Time Warner in the State of New York, where the cable business of the giant of the communication cannot offer the parties of baseball of the Mets by a conflict with Cablevision.

EchoStar offers the services of Dish Network by 19.99 dollars to the month (12 dollars less than the habitual price), number to which would be to add 5 dollars additional to be able to see the chains Fox Sports New York and Madison Square Garden Network, both sport channels property of Cablevision that cannot emit Time Warner Cable.

(Expansion, 05-05-05)

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