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Digital Sky determines its objective to the 10 million subscribers
The British platform BSkyB, unquestionable leader in the European market, eyebrow in its persistence not to reach this number of subscribers in spite of to have increased its prices in a 5%

The British platform puts of term year 2010 to reach this mythical number when most recent they indicate that it has 7.704.000 subscribers després of excellent results in the three first months of this year.

The BskyB de Rupert Murdoch follows in rise after to have secured in this first trimester a net benefit of 119 million pounds sterling against the 113 million the same period of the last year, thanks to the increase of the number of subscribers, that causes that it continues being the European platform with greater number of subscribers.

The supply of Digital Sky is accessible through satellite Astra 2 (28,2º This) and although the majority of their channels is codified, they do some it in open (commercial) and are accessible from Spain.

Digital the Sky platform is most expensive of Europe

The British platform Digital Sky (BSkyB) is the one that more makes pay to its subscribers of all the digital platforms via satellite of Europe, taking like parameter the price of the complete package. In particular, Digital Sky with 59.4 monthly Euros is placed at the top of the most expensive platforms of Europe. BSkyB it follows the French Channel Satellite Numerique with 58.8 monthly Euros and the Italian Sky to him with 55 Euros. The Digital+ Spanish is placed more down with 50.8 monthly Euros if we rely at the cost of Total the Digital+ package.

On the contrary, Sky Italy is most expensive in pay Rep view, because the cost of a soccer match of Calcium of the series To is of 15 Euros, against the 11.9 of the Spanish league on the part of Digital+ and almost the 9 Euros of the Premier League in Great Britain on the part of the BSkyB.

The paradox occurs that the platform that more makes pay to its subscribers, Digital Sky, is the one whom more subscribers it has of all Europe, 7.7 million. The platforms Swedish and Norwegian are economic.


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