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A rocket Proton will send the new satellite Sirius 4
One is the new satellite of Nordic Satellite AB (NSAB), that will be sent before the summer of 2007 and which it will be copositioned in the geostationary orbit of 5º This next to the Sirius already existing

The launching of the satellite Sirius 4 will be carried out by the International Launch Services (ILS) through a throwing rocket Proton Breeze M.

The subscribed contract between NSAB and the ILS anticipate the launching of the new satellite from the Space-port of Baikonour (Kazajistán) during the second trimester of 2007.

Sirius 4 will be a satellite of great power for all Europe, equipped with 52 transponders in Ku band and 2 transponders in Ka band. It is being constructed at present in the facilities of Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems (LMCSS).


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