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Turkey prohibits emitted pornographic channels via satellite
The regulating organism of the televisions in Turkey prohibits four channels for adults, alleging that its erotic programming despises the cultural values of the euroasiático country

The channels Adult Chanel, Exotica TV, Playboy TV and Rouge TV are available at night through Digiturk satellite, that it only emits for Turkey.

>In an official notice, the High Council for the Television and the Radio, mentioned a requirement of the license that he establishes that the programming must be “a public service and (...) in agreement with the national values, morals, humans, spiritual and cultural of the Turkish population”.

Turkey, country candidate to enter the European Union, maintains a strict separation between the State and the religion but the majority of their 70 million inhabitants is Muslim.

The regulating organism rarely imposes penalties to the television networks, but normally it emits brief suspensions for slight infractions


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