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    CBS, NBC and Fox, against the governmental control of its contents

    These three chains have been united to a group of associations and professionals of mass media that, through the organization TV Watch, it tries to do in front of the wave of strict controls on the contents that undergo the television networks in the USA

    The group defines as a “coalition of organizations and individuals” that consider that the Americans would have to determine what can be seen and be heard in its houses according to its own tastes, that would be to promote the use of electronic mechanisms of control of contents and, mainly, whom turns out essential to appeal to the responsibility of the parents instead of to allow that he is the government who decides what there is to follow in television.

    Between the members of the group, presented/displayed this week in the USA, besides Viacom - proprietor of CBS, MTV and Nickelodeon, among others chains, News Corporation - Fox and the newspapers The Sun, The Times, The News York Post- are the university Chamber of Commerce, professors, journalists and a long list of others of individuals between which the average Americans mention Joe Pantoliano, actor in the Sorpano.

    The declaration of intentions of TV Watch indicates that it will use all the mass media available to educate to the parents on the existence of instruments with which to control what their children consume through the television and that “will give voice to the majority of the Americans who think that the solution is in the responsibility and not in a greater regulation”.

    The launching of this organization leans in addition in a survey according to which 86% of the consulted ones choose “major implication of the parents” at the time of establishing the criterion with which to maintain remote to the children of the contents for adults.

    The American television and the radio have undergone lately an offensive against the excessively considered contents violent - scenes of action in the films, by example or of high sexual content - the chest in the open of Janet Jackson in their programming.

    The FCC - the organism that “watches” the sector tries to extend the “rules of the decency”, that were hardened after “pezongate” (the incident of Janet Jackson in the Super Bowl that cost to Viacom a millionaire fine to him). Also they are studying to increase the quantity of the fines as well as the establishment like new procedures that could put in danger the licenses of the transmitters that violate the norms repeatedly.

    And it is that the fear of the chains has brought about real cases of self-censoring. The past month November, for example, more than 20 transmitters affiliates they boycotted the Day of the Veterans the emission of the film “To save from Ryan Soldier” before the fear of which they could be sanctioned by the new and aggressive regulators of television.

    (the World, 08-05-05)

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