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    The Spanish league of abierto soccer in closes borders

    The possibility of seeing the parties of Spanish Liga of soccer, whose rights are of Audio-visual Sport, free through oriented satellite dishes international satellites already is only possible in the south of Spain

    Until recently more of a month the Jazeera Sports was possible to see in Spain abierto soccer match in tuning the channels of the television of A, coverall through Nilesat satellite (7º the West). Not to pay the corresponding rights to Audio-visual Sport the users they only needed to count on standard a satellite dish of dimensions (90 cms) and to give a determined direction him to be able to catch this channel.

    Nevertheless, To the Jazeera Sports 1 and 2 it stopped emitting the parties through satellite Nilesat 101-102 and now only it emits by the Arabsat 2D in open, although the signal in the south of Spain and with an antenna of 1.35 meters of diameter can only be caught. In addition it is necessary to add that the reception in zones of the south of the peninsula presents/displays, in addition, problems to the reduced salary the transponder his power of emission.

    According to the biennial survey of cable and satellite in homes 2005 of Eutelsat, in Spain 579,000 homes exist that receive digital channels of satellite in open. In Europe, they only surpass to our country Italy and Germany, with 3.3 and 2.9 million homes with access to satellite in open, respectively.

    (EP, 09-05-05)

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