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    Al-Hurra, next channel in Arab for Muslims in Europe

    Al-Hurra anticipates to begin the transmissions in the last quarterly of this year. The initiative comprises of the programs of direction including in the war against the terrorism undertaken by the United States

    Kenneth Tomlinson, whom the Meeting of Governors of the agency responsible for the radio transmitters and television of the EU in the outside presides over, said to the press that with that new one mass media is tried to promote the free expression and an ample debate on subjects of interest for the Arabs and that is tie with the United States.

    The denominated Al-Hurra channel, sponsored by Washington, will transmit via satellite during the 24 hours of the day and will be directed mainly to the European Muslim communities.

    Those communities are seen by potential the American authorities as broth of culture of the extremist groups islamists.

    In the decision to found this channel, also one has considered the fact that some of the suicidal terrorists who participated in the attacks of the 11 of September of 2001 in the United States came from France and Germany.

    Also, it is wanted to give to the Arab panorama another vision different from the one from the qatarí television network to the Yazira, that some civil servants of Washington consider antiAmerican means with great influence in the Muslim public opinion.

    The TV channel Al-Hurra would work initially with a budget of 3.5 million originating dollars of the 81,000 million additional dollars that Bush has asked before the Congress for the combat operations in Iraq.

    (Agencies, 28-02-05)

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