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    Astra interested in entering the capital of Hispasat

    Global SES, the operating major of satellites of the world, shows their interest in buying Hispasat if the shareholders of the Spanish operator put their participation for sale

    Romain Bausch, Global president of SES, the proprietor of Astra, has confirmed that will present/display a supply to buy participation in Hispasat which they want to sell the Telephone Spaniards, Combines and BBVA. Eutelsat has remembered that it has right of rough estimate as main shareholder of Hispasat.

    The shareholder resetting of Hispasat, the Spanish society of satellites of telecommunications, is being so long and complex as the sale of Combines, one of the proprietors who want to go out their capital.

    Romain Bausch, the executive president of Global, propietary SES of Astra, one of the three great world-wide partnerships of operation of satellites of telecos, has announced the interest of its group to realize a supply to enter the capital of Hispasat. Bausch conditioned this initiative to that the three Spanish partners of the company who want to desinvertir (Telephone, BBVA and Combines), agree themselves in the conditions of the sale.

    Agreeing with the declarations of the SES executive, the French newspaper the Tribune reproduced an interview with the president of Eutelsat, Giuliano Berretta, that remembered its intention to increase the participation that this other giant of the space communications has in Hispasat, where she is already the first shareholder with 27.6% of the capital.

    Sources of Eutelsat remembered that this company has right of rough estimate on any shareholder package of Hispasat that is put on sale what, in his opinion, it will prevent the entrance of another great global operator of the sector in the capital of the Spanish society.

    The agency of the news mentioned assures that the third great multinational group of the sector, Intelsat, also could have interest in entering the capital of Hispasat.

    The shareholder crisis of this Spanish company lasts a year already. Three of their main deprived national shareholders (BBVA with 10.75%, Telephone with 13.23% and Combines with 17.64%) now announced ten months ago their interest to desinvertir in this business. The bank and even Combines initiated the buyer process search.

    Nevertheless, the Spanish Government, who controls 34% of Hispasat through different companies and organisms public, maintains paralyzed the sale because he wants to assure an exit to the crisis in which the Spanishness of the company is not lost.

    The Government prefers a solution in which the Abertis company takes protagonism, and in that Eutelsat does not increase its control on the society.

    Solution: Abertis is let want and waited to make decisions

    Abertis, Catalan company that operates the network of Retevisión for the transport of television signals, has become key piece in the confusion of the capital of Hispasat.

    The Government is persuaded that its entrance in the Spanish society of satellites would be the ideal solution to maintain the Spanishness of the company and to locate it safe from the voracity of the main multinationals of the sector.

    The Catalan group, nevertheless, has decided to stay in the shade so far and is obstinate to give a step forward while the panorama is not clarified.

    (Five Days, 10-05-05)

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