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    Global SES obtains a benefit of 84 million Euros

    They are data of the first trimester of 2005, that both represent an increase of 10.7% in relation to the same period of the year last of the proprietor of satellite operators leaders, SES Astra in Europe, and SES Americom in the United States

    The volume of businesses of the operating major of satellites of the world reached the 290 million Euros.

    The Global president of SES, Romain Bausch, has assured that the results of this first trimester demonstrate to the force of our business and the capacity to give value to the shareholders. Our tariffs of use continue going to the rise.

    Some data on SES Astra

    The system of Astra satellites is the operator of satellites leader in Europe, transmitting services to more than 94 million users with television by satellite. The fleet of Astra satellites, composed by 13 satellites, transmits more than 1,100 analogical and digital TV channels and radio, as well as services multimedia and Internet.

    The two main orbital positions of Astra for the services of DTH are 19,2° This and 28,2° This. The professional services like the Direct ones to Cable (DTC), Satellite Newsgathering (SNG) and Occasional Uso offer through the orbital positions 23,5°/24,2° This and 5,2° This.


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