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    Eutelsat will acquire two new satellites

    The European operator of satellites will order the construction of the Eutelsat W7 and Eutelsat W2A to reinforce the televising supply

    In a entevista to the French newspaper the Tribune, the president of Eutelsat, Giuliano Berretta, has confirmed that the operator goes to acquire two new satellites shortly. According to Berretta, the Council of Administration of Eutelsat will give green light to the construction of the W7 satellite, whose characteristics are being defined at the moment. The W7 will reinforce the televising supply of Africa.

    In the same interview, Berretta explains that the operator also is studying the funanciación of a second satellite, the Eutelsat W2A, that will be positioned to 16º This to replace to the W2, whose end of life is predicted for the 2009.

    On Eutelsat

    Eutelsat S.A. is the one of operating world-wide leaders of satellite and first supplier of capacity for the diffusion of television and radio in Europe, the Middle East and Norte of Africa.

    Established in 1994, it offers cover to 37 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Norte of Africa.


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