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    Sky Italy is placed with 3.200.000 subscribers

    The digital platform property of Rupert Murdoch added 136,000 new subscribers during the first trimester of the year when an increase of the price in the Premium option announces

    In the hope of the implantation of the terrestrial digital television in Italy, the platform that emits its supply through satellite Hot IBRD (13º This), Sky Italy, was able to increase 136,000 subscribers, which locates to him in 3.200.000 subscribers to 31 of March of 2005.

    As of June, the Italian pay television will increase the canon for the new subscribers to the option the Premium, most expensive of the supply. In particular, the increase will be of 2 Euros, which supposes an increase of 3.4% of the most expensive package, than it will not affect the previous subscribers like the price of the basic package will not modify either.

    From their launching, the 31 of July of 2003 and Digital Sky had until now, not modified the tariffs, whereas throughout this time its supply of channels has been increased in 22 new chains.


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