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    Antenna 3 increases benefits 100%

    The Group Antenna 3 increased to its benefits a 100% up to 36.8 million Euros in the first trimester of this year, while the own chain and Tele 5 fall in stock-market by the preoccupation to new licenses

    The Group Antenna 3 TV had income of 203 million Euros during the three first months of this 2005, whereas in the same period of the past year they were placed in 168,9 million Euros.

    This result has fulfilled the forecasts of the analysts, who hoped that the company gained 37.7 million in the trimester.

    The number of businesses of the group has grown a 25%, up to 224.9 million Euros, having surpassed the expectations of the analysts, whom they considered that the chain would enter 220 million.

    The advertizing income have increased a 23.4%, up to 187.6 million Euros, thanks to the fact that during the first trimester of 2005 it continues the favorable evolution of the advertizing market of television produced in 2004.

    Antenna 3 has explained that its accumulated average hearing in the first trimester has reached 21.1%, 1 pocentual point more than the previous year, the greater growth of all the generalist televisions.

    The result of operation before amortizations (ebitda) has been placed in 66,3 million Euros, number that supposes an advance of 80% with respect to the first trimester of 2004.

    Falls of 5 Tele and Antenna 3 in stock-market

    5 Tele and 3 Antenna TV fell this Tuesday in stock-market a 1.27 and a 2.14%, respectively, after a recommendation to the loss of the actions of 3 Antenna TV on the part of the analysts of Deutsche Bank.

    To the closing of the session, the titles of Tele 5, that in which goes of year have revalued a 18.18%, settled down in 17,94 Euros, in contrast to the 18.17 Euros to which they concluded this Monday.

    On the other hand, participation of Antenna 3 TV, that accumulate a revaluation in 2005 of 20.42%, backed down until the 16 Euros, 0.35 Euros less than the registered ones at the end of the day of Monday.

    The recommendation to the loss conducted by the analysts of Deutsche Bank to Antenna 3 TV has penalized not only to this television network, but also to Tele 5, since behind the reasonings by that recommendation to the loss it is the preoccupation by the concession of new licenses, according to specialists in the matter.

    (Expansion - Agencies, 10-05-05)

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