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    The sales of digital receivers in 2004 broke all the existing records

    The 2004 were a year record for the digital TV in the world. The sales of digital televisions and the increase of the TDT produced in this year benefits for 12.5 trillions of Euros, according to the consultant Strategy Analytics

    The manufacturers sold 49.3 million digital receivers, which supposed an increase of 50% with respect to the 2003, according to it gathers elportal of Internet Infos Satellite.

    At the same time, an increasing enthusiasm by the increasing value of the digital televisions increased the benefits in a 70%.

    The study predicts that, throughout this year, the sale of digital electric home appliances will reach 68.2 million units. And facing the 2010, the annual sales will have reached 181.3 million units, which will suppose a value of 39.1 trillions of dollars in income by sale in distribution.


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