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    The French TDT bet by the TV of continuous information

    A month and a half after the launching of the TDT, more than 600,000 receivers already has been sold in France, number that surpasses the initial forecasts and the experts consider that he will exceed the million east year

    The price of the receivers oscillates between 70 and 500 Euros, with an average of 100 Euros in accordance with the sales, although the demand of adapters integrated in the television or destined to laptops grows, that they can adapt to the reception of the TDT. It is possible to say that the antenna problems monopolize the opening of the new network and in the one of each four cases reception is deficient, which forces to invest other 30 or 50 Euros to equip itself with a internal antenna.

    Bet by the TV of continuous information

    The definitive attribution of chains in first stage of implantation of the new terrestrial digital television in France, sent in March with an initial panel of fourteen transmitters, has caused the unexpected disembarkation of the television of continuous information, prisoner until now in the cable and the satellite in menus for subscribers.

    The I-Télé transmitter, pertaining completely to the group Channel +, polarizes the attention provoked by the eight new licenses authorized by the Council Superior of Audiovisual (CSA), that they extend to twenty-two the number of chains available in the launch period of the TDT (TNT, according to the French abbreviations). Chain BFM TV, controlled by wireless operator Nextradio and dedicated exclusively to the economic and financial information, intensifies the surprise before the spectacular bet of the chains dedicated to the information during 24 hours, in line with the great presence of this sort in the radio with transmitters like irreplaceable France Info, of public ownership.

    The decision of the CSA abre to an unusual battle front between the group Channel +, with its gratuitous bet through I-Télé, and the colossus of the television in France TF1, the Bouygues group, that from 1994 the continuous with its own chain LCI leads, only accessible information through cable and the satellite. Endorsed by about six million subscribers, LCI (La Chaîne Info) is between the five thematic chains of greater hearing. The publicity and the quotas finance the activity of the transmitter in about 18 million Euros, although it continues losing around 10 million. The incursion of Channel + in the universe of the gratuitous television through its branch of continuous information constitutes all a first fruit that can force group TF1 to review the LCI strategy, holds so far to the regulation like payment chain. Once again, the game is ventilated in the mid term based on the answer of the advertisers to the new supply of the terrestrial digital television, that at the moment only covers a 35% with the population, concentrated in Paris and the regions of the great cities of the country.

    The CSA has distributed new to the eight licenses of TDT in two equal parts between the gratuitous chains and those of payment, reason why the global supply of transmitters is divided in eighteen of free access and four by means of installment. Besides its branch of information, Channel + has obtained three documentary licenses for its channels of cinema, sports and, while the Lagardère group obtains other so many consecrated to youth (Gulliver), the infantile public (Channel J) and music (IMCM).

    (the Vanguard, 12-05-05)

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