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More than 50 million, budget of the Balearic TV
The beginning of IB3 has supposed an investment of 25 million, employees in its majority in the creation of a small city of the image, with it soothes of the radio and the television and three plates of recording

To reinforce the territorial cohesion and the signs of identity of the islands, to contribute to linguistic normality, to offer a public programming on watch of quality and to invigorate the audio-visual sector of the Balearics they are the main objectives of IB3, the autonomic television of the Balearics, that threw to walk 5 of September the past.

The chief of a main directorate of IB3, Maria Umbert, explained that the model of radio and television of the new public being is very novel because will externalizará practically all the production of the contents, that supposes 70% of the programming, including the news, without losing the guarantee of the public ownership of the service. This will serve, affirmed, to mitigate the risk of deviations and of guaranteeing better the budgetary control. We have been the last ones in arriving, which has allowed us to analyze the errors of others in the past not repeating them, it said. For the next year, the budget will oscillate between the 50 and 60 million Euros. The income by publicity in 2005 will be of 3 million. For Umbert, the forecasts for the next year are good, thanks to the interest shown in these two weeks by national and local companies and the improvement of the system of measurement of hearings, that before March will increase the number of audímetros from 50 to 200.

On the yield, Umbert added that never she will be economic, and emphasized the efficiency in the management to guarantee its continuity and the improvement of its contents.

The programming of the chain combines faces of young local promises with figures recognized like Fernando Schwartz, Bartholomew Beltrán or Carlos Davila.

(Several, 20-09-05)

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