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    Measures anti-piracy of TV Cabo

    The Portuguese digital platform sends a message sent to which visionan of fraudulent form their channels warning that they face prison sentences of up to three years

    The platform lusa is prepared to end the cases of piracy that affects to him of excessively for some time. After being able to eradicate this practice between the own subscribers possessors of some receiving property of the platform, now it has touched to the turn to the free decoders, that is to say those to him that TV Cabo does not provide.

    Thus, this past weekend, TV Cabo deprived of the reception through its Sport channel TV of the soccer match of the maximum rivalry between the Benfica and the Sporting of Lisbon, being only visible to the subscribers.

    The own digital platform sent a message through the screen directed to which visionan their channels of fraudulent form, warning to them that it is a crime by that could face pains of jail of up to three years.

    Problems with the piracy

    TV Cabo uses the system of conditional access Nagravisión 1 and Nagravisión 2, whose contract with Kudelski Group was extended in September of 2002.

    However, the platform faces the serious problem of the piracy, that at the moment cannot eradicate because it would be necessary to eliminate the receivers that at the moment own good part of their subscribers.


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