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    It televises wants to expand in Canada, China and Australia

    It televises has presence in almost all the systems of pay television of Latin America and in 12 countries of Europe, among them Spain, where soap operas are distributed mainly and where the contracts can go from one to five years

    Television Networks, Television branch of Group that is in charge of the commercialization of channels for pay television, has announced that it has projected to expand in 2005 to China, Canada and Australia.

    Fernando Muñiz Bethancourt, international director of sales and relation with affiliates of the company/signature, have said that he enters the future plans also is entering Poland, Israel and Indonesia, countries where there is an important population of Hispanic speech that he demands contents in Spanish.

    He indicated at the moment that, Television Networks has presence in almost all the systems of payment of Latin America, region in which has almost 13 million clients. Also he explained that in Europe the channels of this distributer are in 12 countries, where soap operas are transmitted mainly and where the contracts can go from one to five years.

    The executive mentioned that China, Poland and Canada are the markets of potential major of development of the company.

    Television Networks is in charge of the segment of pay television, reason why their channels arrive at the different countries in original format, that is to say, Spanish language. The television International commercializes the contents for abierta television, programming that yes is translated to the language of the country where it is transmitted, explained the executive.

    Muñiz Bethancourt said that during 2004 the growth of the operations of Television Networks was of 15%, and it hopes that in the present east year performance is more aggressive and with better results.

    (Economic America, 19-05-05)

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