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    Suggestion to the LFP so that it diversifies his rights in TV

    The Commission of the Market of the Telecommunications recommends to Liga de Professional Fútbol that would have to on sale consider other options for the commercialization of its rights of television different from a unique operator

    The Commission of the Market of Telecomunicaciones (CMT) has recommended to Liga de Fútbol Profesional (LFP) who “would have to on sale consider other options” for the commercialization of his rights of television “different from a unique operator of all the set of rights that manages”, as it happens in force with the agreements with Sogecable, that expire in June of 2006.

    In a resolution, the regulating organism justifies this recommendation before the next opening of a negotiating process on the televising rights of professional soccer, and “being the spirit in the Agreement of the Cabinet (who fixed to November of 2002 conditions to the digital fusion, including the limitation of contracts of soccer to three years) the one that eliminate entrance barriers so that other competitors can choose to those rights at the precise moment of their acquisition”.

    The LFP requested opinion to the CMT exceeds how they could affect these conditions from the Government to the digital fusion to the opening of the process of renegotiation of televising rights. While the negotiating process is not weakened by the circumstances derived from the effective agreements and the conditions of the Government, “nothing prevents the clubs of soccer to agree with that they consider opportune and at the moment that interests to them more”.

    For this reason --it continues the resolution-- it has to conclude that as long as Sogecable is not being worth of a position of force derived from contracts at the moment in force to impose the negotiation with the purpose of to exclude from the same possible competitors, “the soccer clubs will be able to initiate negotiations and to conclude contracts with Sogecable if therefore they consider it opportune”.

    For it, the CMT explains that a series of requirements must be fulfilled. Thus, the contracts at the moment in force between Sogecable and the clubs of soccer include/understand until the next season, and to Liga it raises to negotiate contracts for season 2006/2007, while the use in the agreement of conditions expires in November of 2007.

    Against this background, the CMT clarifies that the contract that if so the clubs of soccer with Sogecable subscribed, could not jeopardize the rights corresponding to more than three seasons from the date in which subscribes, including the prorogations, since otherwise, Sogecable would have guaranteed during the use in the Agreement of the Cabinet the operation of these televising rights by a period superior to the one of three years.

    (EP, 19-05-05)

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