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    Guiñoles of Spain prevails in France

    Several guiñoles famous in Spain like the one of the ex- president of the Barça, Josep Lluís Núñez, or the one of the ex- president of the Catalan Autonomous Government Jordi Pujol Pope Benedicto XVI does of his emulating the first a or a beadle the second

    The news of the Guiñol de Canal+ and concretely some of their dolls, that will celebrate by all the stop the next month of September his tenth anniversary, continue making also smile to the viewers of Spain and to those of France.

    More than one hundred personages of the world of the policy, the sport and the spectacle have frivolizado during these crazy years with gags on the present time. Each guiñol costs 4,800 Euros and the present time causes that, sometimes, a personage becomes another one. Also the interchange of guiñoles between the Spanish transmitter and the French is something habitual. France makes the molds of the protagonists it distributes and them. In some cases the molds of a certain personage take advantage to as much give other lives him in Spain as in Them guignols of l´info of France. Thus to the ex- president of the Barça Josep Lluís Núñez in France they put chasuble and skullcap to him, and incarnated to Benedicto XVI after his election. By the way this program deserved a reprimand of the Council Audio-visual Superior by the blessing of the Pope: “In the name of the Father, of the Son and the Third Reich”. Jordi Pujol happened to be a beadle of the presidential palace, and in Spain it incarnates to the Yoda teacher. Merciful Javier was a bad-tempered French pauper and average crazy person; the madridista Raul, an advisory expert burs átil Agapito call the Night watchman.

    New signings in Spain

    Of the 122 protagonists the politicians predominate, about 80, in their majority men. Vernal Sebastián, producing executive of the program, explains that every year eight and ten have the possibility of incorporating between guiñoles and that each doll costs about 4,800 Euros. Another question that emphasizes Vernal is the wearing down of the dolls: “Over the years they spoil and we are ourselves forced to replace about ten guiñoles to the year: to make up them, to wash them, to do clothes to them”. The signings of the 2005 have been Penélope Cross, David Bisbal, Fernando Towers, Cañizares and Condoleezza Rice. The direction of the program does not discard the possibility of incorporating in fututro to the members of the real house: “From the wedding of the Prince the real family has more and more is present at mediatic”, considers Vernal, although this year, by time question, “no longer it is possible to do them”.

    The Favorites

    All the guiñoles are close but there is unanimous consensus on which it is the favorite: “He is unquestionable, doubtless the best imitation has been the one of Aznar”, assures Vernal. “Also guiñol of Jordi Pujol was a caramel to characterize: their gestures, their movements, their tics…”, remember the executive producer. “Guiñol of Camacho, Jesulín and the pairs as Núñez and Van Gaal also work well”, assures

    Without legs

    Guiñoles is very peculiar, takes you implant capillaries, goes made up and dresses like any person. They are a perfect cartoon although the real, proud personage of his double, always finds some beats. “When a politician shaves itself or beard is left creates a conflict to us”, he jokes Vernal.

    Guiñoles is corpulentos than the people and has a serious physical problem: they do not have legs, which conditions the stage scene of gags. “When they move have to take great objects like vases to disguise the deficiency”, the executive producer keeps awake.

    The dolls come from Paris

    The French company Images ET Mouviments is the creator of guiñoles, and after a process of great elaboration they obtain latex dolls similar to the real personage.

    (the Vanguard, 20-05-05)

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